Mike and Sonia’s Wedding

Mike and Sonia’s wedding at Hilton Garden Inn and Doko Meadows left HEP feeling accomplished.  When you put your trust in God it works for His good indeed.  Mike and Sonia’s wedding day started at the Hilton Garden Inn Columbia Northeast on 8910 Farrow Rd.  They could not have selected a better place to get ready before their ceremony.  Doko Meadows in Blythewood SC is minutes away from the Hilton Garden Inn Columbia Northeast.  I encourage all my couples to consider out of town guest when selecting a hotel to get ready in before getting married.  It also allows for easy adjustments during the day to ensure we can proper photograph your wedding day!

When Human Eye Photography met Mike at the hotel he was beyond ready to marry his stunning bride.  Mike’s Best Man Joe help me get him ready.  It was hard trying not to have such a good time with this groom with all the hilarious commentary we shared.  It’s a good thing we were no where near the ladies during this time.  After all the laughs we got down to some serious business with some shots of him before he walked down the isle.  You can find more shots on my Facebook page and my Instagram page as well.

When I got to Sonia’s room I meet the queen herself celebrity make up artist Kimberly Asia Hall.  Kimberly Asia Hall is a professional makeup artist and licensed cosmetologist based in the Carolina’s.  Asia is pretty humble.  While I know of some of her work you can read her Styleseat to find out that she has been featured on Vh1, Disney Channel, BET and in numerous magazines world wide.

Sonia had a team of professionals to include the loving bridesmaids to help her get prepared.  I was touched by how tight nit everyone was.  I was able to capture some tender moments while everyone was preparing to witness the nuptials at Doko Meadows.  When selecting bridesmaids I always recommend having your “forevers.”

Even Mike and Sonia’s Wedding ceremony was entertaining.  Even though it was extremely hot Mike was able to beat the heat with a few laughs during the exchanging of the rings ceremony at Doko Meadows.  The fun didn’t stop there.  The bridal party got in on the fun too.  The spirits were so high Sonia even had to laugh at herself during the bouquet toss.  See for your self!

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  • Videographer – Clear Vision Media
  • Decor – Lillie M’s Parties
  • Caterer – Frances Haynes
  • Baker (cupcakes and topper) – http://bonniebrunt.com/
  • Cake Pops – Michelle Ganzy
  • Misc desserts – Harriet Payne
  • Make up – Asia Hall – http://kimberlyasiahall.com/
  • DJ – DJ iAM (Adam McDowell) 803-414-4042
  • Chair Rental – Ken’s Tents

Family Portraits

Leah contacted Human Eye Photography about doing some family portraits after seeing some images we created for a lifestyle shoot.  I was excited to hear it was a family of 5.  I knew this would allow me to use my experience as a wedding photographer in good old Rockhill, SC.  I consulted with Leah on attire and she came up with the perfect location!  Human Eye Photography traveled up to Winthrop University at the DiGiorgrio Center.  Based on the images below you can see we spend much of our time laughing and having fun.

Leah is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Inc. So she wanted her own private moment to pay homage to her sorority after family portraits.

This is an investment.  Years down the line you will not be able to even place a monetary value on family experiences documented in a book.  If a stranger (Mr. Trump) offered you money for your family photos and they were all you had left how much would your sell them for?  Not trying to be deep (lol) but really think about that.  The value is not in the book or the file.  The value is in the experience and joy that memory bring. 

If you are interested in having family portraits like the ones below please email us at humaneyephotos@gmail.com.  Or give us a call at 803-712-3021.  We look forward to helping create memories.

My Muse


So excited about this image.  I just had to do a quick blog post for all to enjoy.

While testing different lighting techniques, I had the opportunity to utilize Makeup Artist, Ashia Wilson as my muse.  Ashia and I have worked together on several other projects. Together we have formulated the perfect team to create images that broadens the human eye by expanding to encompass more people and ideas.  If you are interested in acquiring a similar look for your next photoshoot, give Human Eye Photography team a call at (803)712-3021 or email us at humaneyephotos@gmail.com.




Saved, Sober and Sitting Pretty

Let me introduce you to my friend that is saved, sober and sitting pretty!  Her name is Ebony.  She not only reached out to me to celebrate one of the biggest accomplishments I have seen in a while but has been kind enough to provide a guest entry.  I’d like to share her testimony with you from her perspective.

Well hello January 23rd, I’ve been on a life changing journey since I last saw you!!! And as life would have it when the clock struck 12 midnight on January 23rd, 2016 I was in the same location, with some of the same people as I was when I took my last shot of Tequila on January 23rd, 2015.!! So I had no choice but to reflect on how far The Lord has brought me not only in the last 365 days but in life…

Ok so if you all would join me for a moment I would like to share my world with you..

Some have asked why did you stop drinking? Well here goes…

One would think that it was when I went to counseling, or the many times my grandmother has begged me not to drink and drive, or when I blew my tires out (driving drunk) or when my aunt begged me to get help, or the many times I’ve blacked out, and woke up in places not having a clue how I got there, or the countless times I’ve driven under the influence…putting my life and others lives in danger, or going to work or school drunk… Or Sharing my body with men while being under the influence of alcohol. While they are all good reasons to stop drinking unfortunately none of them were good enough for me to give up the very thing that provided numbness to all of the hurt, pain, bitterness, anger and hate that I harbored in my heart for majority of my life!! I was completely comfortable in my dysfunction and alcohol dependency for 12 years… There was no talking me out of it… Although it’s true the enemy does come to kill, steal and destroy however, he is in no rush to do it and sadly little by little over the years I had been mentally reduced to believed that I was my best self while under the influence of alcohol and I wanted to be my “best self” so I continued to drink…

At least until I woke up on January 24th 2015 and my then 7 year old son was standing beside my bed crying, and when he could finally get his words together he asked “mommy were you sick last night” I said “no baby why” before he could answer I got out of bed to comfort him but not before stepping on the floor into my own vomit… Of course this wasn’t the first time I had made a mess after drinking, it however was the first time my son had been a witness…And because of that my next thought was there is no way in hell that having an alcoholic for a mother would be my son’s childhood memories. NO WAY!!! After 12 years, I was DONE!!

You can only imagine “Being Done” was a lot easier said than done though, but today it has been officially one year since I’ve had any alcohol but I must be honest it was the hardest thing I have ever done, but by the grace of God I made it. He was there the entire time, never leaving my side. I’ve learned how to pray on this journey and how to admit when I was struggling. Throughout this journey I have lost people and it was extremely hurtful to see that a lot of people were just attached to the “Turn Up” in me… But early in the process the Holy Spirit lead me to 1 Peter 4 and when I found myself struggling with the absence of friends and associates I was always reminded of verses 1-5.
(Read it) lol..

The process was tough and I wouldn’t change a thing about it… I am proud to be who this process has produced. 1 year down, and forever to go… Ain’t no turning back…And while I may no longer be a cool kid (lol) What I am is Saved, Sober and Sitting Pretty!!! 😉😉😉


Celebrity Makeup Artist

Celebrity makeup artist Ashia Favor discovered her affinity for hair design at an early age.  It soon became a passion.  She decided to embark on this passion after graduating from Lower Richland High School.  Ashia attended Kenneth Schuler School of Cosmetology and graduated with accolades in July 2007.  Multifaceted in the artistry of hair design and make-up, Ashia has dominated the hair and beauty scene throughout the greater Columbia area.  While working with Sheen Magazine she has provided beauty services for many client along the East Coast.

This celebrity makeup artist talents have been utilized from weddings, fashion shows to pageants, professional photo shoots and everything in between.  Phenomenal in her own right, Ashia transcends the standard for precision cuts, coloring, and styling.  As a result of Ashia’s unlimited and unparalleled talent in hair design and make-up,

Ashia was nominated to be featured in Sister2Sister Magazine as July’s (2014) Insta-Celeb Stylist and a platform make-up artist for the Bobbi Boss International Hair and Beauty Show.  Ashia is currently working with world renowned celebrity stylist Zoe Dupree as a part of his Glam Squad.

Being diverse in beauty, Asia is a co- founder of The Beauty Trio.  The Beauty Trio debuted on the Columbia scene on August 2, 2015 by launching “A Night of Fancy Faceovers.”  The Trio showcased their brands, performed live platform beauty demonstrations and performed complimentary makeup and beauty treatments.

Currently, Asia is spearheading “The Faceover Project”.  This project was designed to not only enhance a women outer beauty but mainly help to reestablish her self-esteem.  If you are interested in learning more send her and email to learn more!

Knowing that beauty and brains is always a plus, Ashia is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Administration at Ashford University.  If her nose is not in the books you can guarantee to find Ashia slaying a layered bob or accentuating one’s natural beauty with make-up.

So don’t blink, Ashia is about to leave her mark on the world’s beauty scene and she’s coming………with a vengeance!!!!

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50th Birthday Bash for Cookie at Historic Big Apple

I must admit Cookie’s 50th birthday bash was not short of fun and fabulous! She made a grand entrance at the historic Big Apple for her 50th Birthday Bash in a red dress!  It was well planned and organized from start to finish.  The red, black and white theme matched her grand entrance!  She even had a cartoonist to render caricatures of her guests.  DJ Roscoe was on the ones and twos along with a little help from the fabulous Cookie herself!

50th Birthday Bash for Cookie


During the 50th birthday bash Human Eye Photography witnessed love from the likes of Columbia’s Mayor Steve Benjamin and his lovely wife.  Also, multiple time award winner of the Steve Harvey’s Neighborhood Awards John T. Elliot was in the building celebrating with Cookie!  K. Allen of Simply Special Weddings was also present.  It was great capturing so many down-to-earth professionals!

Human Eye Photography specializes in commercial wedding photography, executive headshots and special events.  Indeed this was special.  50 years of life is truly a blessing.

If you would like your celebration captured by Human Eye Photography please email us at humaneyephotos@gmail.com.  Or give us a call at 803-712-3021.  We would love to celebrate with you!

Press play to enjoy the slideshow!

Surprise Marriage Proposal at Doko Manor

HEP was floored when ask to capture a surprise marriage Proposal at Doko Manor.  Couldn’t believe it.  I know how important a wedding day is but even more important is the first step of asking for a lady’s hand in marriage.  After much prayer you have to get the blessing of the parents.  If that is a go then comes the proper execution of the proposal.  That when I was called to help.  Indeed and honor!

Are you ready for the first step?  Would you like to surprise your special someone?  Have you been wanting to share the rest of your life with that special person?  Have you found true love?  If so contact Human Eye Photography to capture your surprise proposal idea!  Let us work with you to make the perfect images to have your day executed flawlessly.

Specials thank to my assistant for this session.  If you are interested in assisting me on my next session give me a shout.  I am a Certified Professional Photographer that is always looking to help and learn from others.

If you would like to live, love and laugh to make memories check out some of the  images from this surprise proposal at Doko Manor in Blythewood, SC.  Contact us! We can’t wait to hear from you.  Email HEP or call at 803-712-3021.

Please keep Stacey Hill and his now wife, Kendra in your prayers.  They are expecting their first child together.  We wish them all the best!

Atlanta’s 3109 Piedmont Estates

Atlanta’s 3109 Piedmont Estates is a premier Atlanta event venue.  The mansion is located in the heart of Atlanta Georgia.  It’s filled with elegance and prestige to accommodate the taste to the most sophisticated wedding.

Atlanta’s 3109 Piedmont Estates is an 18th century gem it is located near high end shops, sits 3 private acres of land, The 1797 mansion has hardwood floors, a grand stair case and 14,00 square feet of grandeur to explore.  However, the bride can spend all of her time getting ready in the powder room if she so desires.  I personally would like to spend most of my time in the wine cellar!

If you are a vendor or photographer and would like to build a community where clients can enjoy the best service and product possible I welcome you to reach out to me.  I love working with companies and people that place a high value in themselves as well as their clients!

Enjoy some of the images below at Atlanta’s 3109 Piedmont Estates.  If you are interested in having images like these at your perfect wedding venue call us at 803-712-3021.  You may also contact us via email. If looking for legendary wedding venue in Atlanta visit their website now!