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SC State House Bridals | Columbia SC | AKA Ivey Pearl

The SC State House located at 100 Gervais St, Columbia, SC 29201 is a great location for Bridal portraits.  SC State House Bridals are the best locations because the grounds are kept clean and neat.  This make a difference when the bride has spent thousands of dollars on her dress and wants to keep it clean.  The State House steps is a staircase for the bridal portrait.  The building itself serves as a wonderful backdrop should you decide to use the pathways leading to the State House.

Traditionally, bridal portraits are done in the studio under controlled lighting conditions.  It’s a southern tradition where the bride takes time to complete portraits in her wedding gown well before her wedding day.  Many northerners have never heard of the idea of having a bridal portrait.  The tradition is two-fold.  The bride gets an opportunity to test her hair, makeup and wear of the dress prior to the wedding day.  You want everything to be perfect for photos on your wedding day.  The second part of the bridal portrait is to serve as a gift to the mother-of-the-bride .  The mother-of-the-bride hangs this in her home.  I

Ivey (Addison) Mayo is a very sophistAKAted bride.  You can tell by her portrait option.  Ivey’s portrait is a 16×24 walnut framed leather canvas in landscape view.  It is designed to be viewed at a distance.  It sits lovely in a home with high ceilings.  She looked like an “Ivey Pearl” in her wedding gown.  See other images of this Ivey Pearl from her sophistAKAted session below.

Bridal Portrait

16×24 Walnut Framed Leather Canvas

If you interested in SC State House Bridals with a gown like Ivey’s check out Jo-lins located at 7565 St Andrews Rd, Irmo, SC 29063.

If you are interested in a similar bouquet seen in the first image visit Ann Marie at Carolina Event Services.

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