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Average Wedding Album Cost | Columbia SC Photographer

The average wedding album cost can be very affordable in the long run.  The upfront affordability may not be so evident when you are paying other vendors thousands of dollars.  The value sky rockets 10 years later when all of those vendors are gone and you are celebrating your anniversary.

The average wedding album cost about $400 to $800 in Columbia, SC.  Album may range from $1200 to $2000 the further west.  When you spread the cost of a 10 year marriage or more this is rather affordable.  A $400 album only cost you $40 to own over a 10 year period.  The likelihood of your wedding venue being the same cost if you were to rent it 10 years is extremely low in comparison. A limo ride to your reception venue may cost $300 and only last about 20 minutes.  The cost of a wedding album is priceless and last a lifetime.

While average wedding album cost can be even more affordable if you are not looking for a flush mount album.  A photo book could easily serve the same purpose.   Photo books are great for your guests to wish you well on your wedding day.  The thin pages and binding may not last for storing family history long term!

Many DIY brides like to be heavily involved with their wedding.  Others want full service.  After the vows the last thing you want to do is have the daunting task of organizing 60 plus wedding images in a book after catering to 100 plus guests on your wedding day.  Many brides never actually get around to making the photo book.  CD, USB and digital files are misplaced, displaced or accidentally deleted.  I do not know many brides that have their family gather around the computer to see images from their wedding.

Why get a wedding album?  More like why not get a wedding album?  Why spend $300 on a limo ride that will last 20 minutes when you can buy an wedding album that tell the story of your day for years to come?

  • Durability – The over cover is padded made of genuine leather.  The pages are thick with a coated lustre making them last for years to come.
  • Luxury – Albums come with combination covers made from genuine leather.  A main image is found on the outside with the rest of the album being made leather.
  • Amenity – Albums can be used to add character to any living room.
  • Heritage – Your children’s children can clearly see the great grand parents and how they lived.

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