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Engagement Photos Downtown Columbia | Future Mrs. Paul

Paul and Sonia decided to have engagement photos downtown Columbia!  Mike is one of the funniest guys I have ever had at a wedding consultation!  After a few laughs Sonia joined in on the comedic relief.  Nothing changed at the engagement session in downtown Columbia near the State Capital Building.

Mike works in Information Technology but I think missed his calling as a comedian.  Luckily Sonia is a Registered Nurse because Mike will have you in stitches!  Their engagement photos downtown Columbia was full of fun and laughs.

We all know the power of social media.  Well, Facebook has been responsible for many couples getting married. Facebook helped Sonia realized what she was missing.  It wasn’t long after a few messages that they were around each other to get that giddy feeling.  Some people call it a vibe.  There is nothing like a vibe that allows you to be yourself with the other person; To live, love and  laugh is to make memories; but you gotta have that vibe…lol!

We originally scheduled a Downtown Charlotte, NC engagement session.  After moving the date Sonia decided engagement photos Downtown Columbia, would be good enough.  I could not have disagreed more!  It turned out to be the if you asked me. Her makeup was flawlessly done by Samantha Ann of GLAMBYSAM, Mike was on 10 and my assistant Robert Coffey was focused of helping me satisfying Mike and Sonia with the back of my LCD!  They were styled appropriately for some beautiful pictures.  Attitudes were left at home.  Heels and hard bottoms were on deck at this session.  I love when clients trust me and prepare for their engagement sessions.  We didn’t expect rain but HEP was prepared.  We avoided the rain the week before be we were able to put it to use by rendering some creative images.  If you are a USC Gamecock fan you will appreciate the creativity in the rain.

Specials thank to my assistant for this session.  If you are interested in assisting me on my next session give me a shout.  I am a Certified Professional Photographer that is always looking to help and learn from others.

If you would like to live, love and laugh to make memories check out some of the memories below.  Human Eye Photography can’t wait to hear from you.  Email HEP or call at 803-712-3021.




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