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Surprise Marriage Proposal at Doko Manor

HEP was floored when ask to capture a surprise marriage Proposal at Doko Manor.  Couldn’t believe it.  I know how important a wedding day is but even more important is the first step of asking for a lady’s hand in marriage.  After much prayer you have to get the blessing of the parents.  If that is a go then comes the proper execution of the proposal.  That when I was called to help.  Indeed and honor!

Are you ready for the first step?  Would you like to surprise your special someone?  Have you been wanting to share the rest of your life with that special person?  Have you found true love?  If so contact Human Eye Photography to capture your surprise proposal idea!  Let us work with you to make the perfect images to have your day executed flawlessly.

Specials thank to my assistant for this session.  If you are interested in assisting me on my next session give me a shout.  I am a Certified Professional Photographer that is always looking to help and learn from others.

If you would like to live, love and laugh to make memories check out some of the  images from this surprise proposal at Doko Manor in Blythewood, SC.  Contact us! We can’t wait to hear from you.  Email HEP or call at 803-712-3021.

Please keep Stacey Hill and his now wife, Kendra in your prayers.  They are expecting their first child together.  We wish them all the best!

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