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Hand Rolled Cigar Bar | Wedding Reception Ideas | Palmetto Room

Hand Rolled Cigar Bar

Having a hand rolled cigar bar at your wedding reception is a wonderful amenity to have for your guests!  The bar brings a level of flare and sophistication no other wedding reception idea brings.  This favorite past time is not reserved just for big businessmen and businesswomen.  Sophistication is on all levels.  After the bride and groom have sealed the deal a good cigar is a great way to celebrate.

There are a few things you should consider when adding a hand rolled cigar bar to your wedding reception.  The three things to consider are the location, alcohol and the size of your cigars.  The right length allows guests to enjoy the cigar and get back to the reception in a timely manner.  Also, make sure you select a location where other guests can avoid any smoke; however; make sure that other guests can still know you have a cigar bar for their pleasure.  Lastly, make sure you have the appropriate drinks to pair with a good stogie!

If having a hand rolled cigar bar is not in your budget then consider doing it yourself.  Select a mixture of quality cigars.  Selecting cigars in different strengths so you can appeal to all types of guests.  Make sure they are transported in a way to keep them fresh; extreme changes in temperature can destroy a good cigar.  A humidor or even a ziplock bag will help do the trick.  You want to avoid drying them out and getting them damaged before or during the reception.  Have one of your cigar connoisseurs  setup a relaxing environment with a table and comfortable chairs.  Enhance the authentic experience of a cigar by including torches to light them.  If torches are not available, light the cigar use wooden matches.    If your connoisseur really understands the nature of cigars have them customize the cut; use a butt cut, punch cut or a V cut.

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