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Splendid DIY Nigerian Bride

On April 29, 2017, Aiyetoro, of Columbia, SC, became Human Eye Photography’s first DIY Nigerian Bride.  While we have past experience photographing a Nigerian wedding ceremony, this wedding was a more intimate occasion.  Aiyetoro decided to do things herself.  Admittedly, she did a fantastic job!  Since her wedding ceremony was intimate, she went with a more traditional-styled wedding.  If you have been considering taking a DIY approach for your wedding ceremony, you want to continue reading!

Tips from a DIY Nigerian Bride

Let’s start with the overall experience as a DIY bride.  The challenge of doing anything on your own can be stressful.  Aiyetoro’s first tip is to hire a wedding planner if it is in your budget.  Additionally, she suggests you surround yourself with good friends, ones you are sure will be in it for the long haul.

The second tip is to use Pinterest! Pinterest is swooning with ideas for brides working with a small budget.  Save money on your wedding ceremony by diving in headfirst with Pinterest.  Utilizing it will leave you with more to spend on the honeymoon.

Another good tip she shared is to save money by making everything by hand.  You have to have time when you are trying to DIY.  Shopping at stores like Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and even your local dollar store, are ideal places for DIY projects!

During consultations wedding vendors always suggest to brides to review their guest list as a way to cut their budget.  (Chip Dizard of Chip Dizard Weddings blog cuts guest list like melted butter!).  Aiyetoro understood a small guest list would save on food so she could splurge on her dress!

The last tip is one of my favorites.  Aiyetoro expressed the importance of being good to your parents.  This tip reminded me of what Pastor Simeon Moultrie, of The Brook located in Columbia, SC, always says, “You get what you are!”  Having people in your life that are willing to sow into you comes from being a good person!  People only want to sow into good ground.” Good manifested in the abundant support this DIY bride received in preparation for and in fruition of her wedding ceremony and reception.

Are you the next DIY Bride?

In addition to the tips detailed above, brides are encouraged to be strategic when making DIY decisions.  This means you must be reasonable, sensible, sound, and decisive.  All of these thing made this DIY wedding a success.  Try these tips out for yourself.  And don’t forget to contact us to capture images on your DIY day!

Photographer: CL Clay
MUA: E’toshia McFarland

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