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Unique Graduation Pictures | Columbia SC | Limestone College

Limestone College Graduate

When Kizzy emailed me about taking some unique graduation pictures in Columbia, SC, I knew I had to come up with something. Even though I suspected bad weather, it was hard telling a warm, vibrant, spirited person no.  The rain and wind never dampened her spirits, and the fact that we both share the same alma mater, Limestone College, didn’t hurt either. Kizzy’s attitude and the St. Bernard pride combined; we were able to create some unique images of her.

The Motivation

This session was a dedicated to Kizzy’s late mother. Her mother passed away when she was 17.  Kizzy’s mother preached education at all times and never accepted a failing grade.  Kizzy realized her mother would not be here to see her graduate high school nor college. She chose to not allow this setback to determine her future.  The ability to overcome adversity is a trait seen by some of the most successful people in the world.  Kizzy’s goal is to be as intelligent and wise as her late mother.  She decided to honor her mother with a portrait session with CL Clay of Human Eye Photography.

Unique Graduation Pictures

We originally planned to shoot in Downtown Columbia.  However, dark clouds were headed in that direction and light was limited.  As a result, we opted for a location I was eager to use in Northeast Columbia.  Once we got settled, Kizzy allowed me to have fun and be creative.  It was very hard selecting my favorite image from this shoot.  Her smile, the lighting and the props made for a difficult decision.  I’d love to hear what you think.  What is your favorite image?

If you are interested in taking some unique graduation pictures or any type of portrait session, please email us or call us at 803-712-3021!

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