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Steve of Fotos by Fola came to Greer, SC to shoot a Nigerian wedding.  I leaped at the opportunity to capture some Nigerian tradition!  Steve is an Atlanta wedding photographer at Fotos by Fola.  You can find many of his weddings featured in several magazines and online publications.  Steve is a native Nigerian.  I was amazed by how calm he was doing all of the chaos.  Nigerian weddings are festive beyond compare to many American receptions.

Nigerian Traditions

At first, I thought I was at an American wedding.  Throwing money in the air is often seen at gentlemen’s clubs.  This is called “making it rain” in America.  In Nigerian culture, this is simply a gift to the bride.  It is one of the most exciting celebratory experiences I have ever seen at a wedding!

Secondly, what fascinated me even more than the money spray was the attire.  Everyone was adorned in bright and vibrant Indian fabrics.  The bride also wore decorative coral-beaded headpieces.

Finally, the most intriguing tradition was a ritual between the bride and groom.  It involves drinking alcohol.  The alcohol is called palm wine.  The bride is provided with a cup of palm wine.  She  must then locate her husband to offer him a drink.

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