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701 Whaley’s Granby Room | Intimate Wedding | Jayyidah + Jerald

Jerald and Jayyidah

Jerald and Jayyidah decided to have a classy, intimate wedding in 701 Whaley’s Granby Room!  My only regret is that I didn’t have more time to spend with the lovely bride, Jayyidah!  The day of the wedding was the first time we met the couple.  Before the day of the ceremony, we had only spoken over the phone for her pre-event consultation, and communicated via email and Instagram.  I could tell that Jerald was a bit nervous.  Jayyidah, on the other hand, was a cool as a polar bear’s toe nails.


Now, let’s talk about the advantages of this wedding venue.  The Granby Room is located on the first floor of 701 Whaley.  With 2600 sq. ft,  you can accommodate 100 beautiful people.  Not only can you have wedding here, this location is a popular area for bridals as well.  The wooden columns, stained concrete floors, and beautiful entry doors are a must-see.  

The amenities provided by the venue made for some lovely backdrops for some of the precious moments captured at Jerald and Jayyidah’s wedding.  Be sure to check out 701 Whaley’s rate sheet from renters of this room. The room is very affordable if you are having a Friday wedding!  Tell them we sent you!

New York DIY Bride

Like our Nigerian bride featured in a previous blog post, Jayyidah, our New York DIY Bride, has a talent for coordinating weddings. She made her intimate wedding very classy. I loved the table decor and, most of all, her cake; Parkland Cakes was a perfect fit for a perfect setting!

If you are having a Friday or Monday wedding please give us a call at 803-712-3021.  Our team would love to photograph your ceremony!


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