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Kadenia Willliams-Javis | Scholarship Gala | Event Photography

Ever wanted to be a blessing?  Kadenia Willliams-Javis and Christopher Javis of Javis Tax Service decided to be a blessing by donating proceeds from the JTS Gala to the FBLA JR Scholarship Foundation.  There were hosts of friendly and familiar faces on this day.  Motivational speaker, author, radio host and the love life style coach Angela Carr Patterson of was the special guest speaker for the evening.  Bianca Crawford, Fraendy Clervaud, Jamal Bates, DeAnna Bookert of the Bookert Agency and Bishop Eric Davis of Word of God graced the place as well.
Praise and worship during the gala was lead by the First Nazareth Baptist Church Praise Team, the GMG Music Center Students and Silent Blessings Mime Ministry of Bethlehem Baptist Church.  The energy was so high, you can even see Kadenia Willliams-Javis shed a tear.
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