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Seibels House and Gardens Historic Columbia | Sherietta + Jay

Shereitta + Jay’s Wedding at Seibels House and Gardens Historic Columbia took place on June 13th, 2015 at 5:00 o’clock PM.  It was 97 degrees with a heat index of about 103 degrees.  From the images and video below you can see HEP stayed cool!

How We Met Sherietta + Jay:
Human Eye Photography is elated to introduce you to our friends Shereitta and Cliburn.  Cliburn is affectionately known as “Jay.”    Our relationship with Mr. and Mrs Lane blossomed on Instagram.  It was from the warm spirit displayed during the consultation with Shereitta and Jay the relationship would materialize at the wedding alter.

During the consultation I found out Seibels House and Gardens Historic Columbia was where the wedding would take place.  It was clear Sherietta had done her research and compared Human Eye Photography’s work to other photographers in the area.  Well after the consultation, she even asked me about the lighting I used for head-shots vs. weddings.  The consultation proved that it’s okay to be comfortable in one’s own skin while running a business.   Accept people for who they are and not who you want them to be.  No matter the relationship it works out better that way.   Everyone is not my client but HEP is blessed for the Lane’s.  With every wedding HEP gains a friend and experience.  I have experienced personal growth through leaps and bounds. To God be the Glory!

Seibels House and Gardens Historic Columbia:
You can see a few shots of what the bride looked like in her dress in the video.  If you would like to see more images of Sherietta in her gown you can view the bridals here.

Tip of the Day:
Often the day is a blur and couples do not get a chance to enjoy each other because they are too busy participating in wedding traditions and entertaining their friends, family and guests during the wedding.  Human Eye Photography likes to make time for portraits of the bride and groom by pulling them away from the festivities.  Even with over 200 guests, my clients trust me; pulling them away for some alone time is easy.  However, pulling them away from their faith is impossible.  You can see in the image below God never leaves us no matter where we go.  Just before I was posing the couple for the next shot someone got Sherietta’s attention.  She then asked for prayer.  I am always reminded that wedding photography is a privilege.  Sometimes when we think we are in control God shows us He is in control at all times.

Sherietta and Jay Lane

Enough small talk.  Enjoy watching Lover’s Lane at Seibels House and Gardens Historic Columbia!

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