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Successful Wedding Day Depends on Five Things | SC Wedding Photographers

Successful Wedding Day

So you want a successful wedding day, correct?  Well, I have not met a bride yet who wants her big day to be a disaster!  Here are five things that will help guarantee a successful wedding day!  As a portrait and wedding photographer for 5 years and a CPP for the past two, I have learn a few things.  After a recent wedding, 5 things I have learned resonated with me;  I felt compelled to blog about them.

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Be Flexible

Plan, but be flexible. Nothing is guaranteed in life, so of course you can’t guarantee everything will go as planned on your wedding day. Some aren’t made aware of any hiccups on their wedding day because they have a stellar team on board; however, not everyone has a dream team and things that go wrong may not go unnoticed. Despite any known hiccups, go with the flow.  Enjoy your day!  Be in the moment!

Be Flexible - Successful Wedding Day


Trust, But Verify

Build trust in your vendors by vetting them in advance.  Basing your decision solely on price can lead to a lifetime of regret.  I have several friends who hate their wedding images because they didn’t vet their photographer.   Get references. Review their entire portfolio.  Don’t fall for one or two heavily filtered images posted on social media.  Get to know them.  Do they have a blog?  Is their work and style consistent?  Do you like them?  Do they really care about you? Trust, but verify!

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Communication may be one of the most important things to ensure your wedding day is successful. Communication must occur before, during, and after the wedding day.  Emails may be used leading up to the day of the wedding.  The closer you get to the day, phone calls need to be made to discuss any previous correspondence.  The day of the wedding, coordinators and planners should take over and act on the behalf of the bride. Texting can actually be efficient because it can allow responses to multiple people quickly. However, when texting proceed with caution; some text messages aren’t clear.  When in doubt, just pick the phone.  As author Theo Gold wrote, “communication is your ticket to success, if you pay attention and learn to do it effectively.” Communicate!



Proper preparation prevent piss poor performance.  Make important decisions about the flow of your day two weeks in advance if not sooner.  Your vision should not change much during the week of your wedding.  Of course I said in the beginning to be flexible.  A well thought out timeline between the coordinator and photographer is a great tool for a successful wedding day.

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Have Fun

Lastly, have fun; this trumps the other four things that I deem necessary to have a successful wedding day. Regardless of how much money you spend, no vendor wants to work for or with a Bridezilla, and no bride wants an arrogant pompous and prima donna on her team.  Besides, the wedding day is the first day of your happily ever after! Smile and party like a rock star at your reception!

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