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Cozy Loft Wedding | 10 Catawba | Belmont, NC

10 Catawba | Belmont, NC

Leah and Bryan decided to have a cozy loft wedding at 10 Catawba.  10 Catawba is located in Belmont, NC.  Belmont is just 15 minutes outside of Charlotte, NC.  We were excited to travel outside of Columbia, SC to this little known treasure in Belmont, NC.  10 Catawba provided the perfect ambiance for the lovely couples’   dear friends and close family members.  My assistant was in love.  While 10 Catawba is not the ideal place for a photographer to shoot, it served it’s purpose well for the gorgeous couple.


Leah and Bryan booked me two years back in 2015 at Starbucks.  I have absolutely no clue how they found me.  They made it clear they appreciate my photography.  I couldn’t wait to have my team photograph this young, attractive, and energetic couple.  I had the opportunity to meet their parents and get to know where they came from.   Life would have it that I would not get the opportunity to photograph them two years later.  The couple had to cancel their 2015 wedding.  While most clients would have moved on to another photographer after paying a deposit, they did not.   I was deeply humbled when they decided to book me again in 2017.  I can’t tell you how much it means to me as a photographer.

Wedding Day

The day of the wedding, tears would not be the sign of weakness, but the messenger of unspeakable love; as Jose N. Harris says, “They are a sign of a pure heart.”  By the measurement of Bryan’s tears, his heart is pure and his love for Leah is powerful.  The rest of the day was filled with cake cutting, high-fiving, and toe-tapping family fun. We were able to capture a lot of memories in 4 hours.

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