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Columbia Maternity Photographer

Let me begin by sayin, I never really consider myself a Columbia Maternity photographer.   As a wedding photographer, I get to witness couple share their love story with close friends and family.  I also enjoy capturing sophisticated events for clients.  Portrait photography allows me to get establish an intimate connection with a person one-on-one.  As a maternity photographer, I get to see expecting parents bond all over again.

Most Columbia Maternity photographers only highlight the mother-to-be.  I personally enjoy highlighting all parties involved in conceiving life.  This means I like to get the father involved as well. Capturing an expecting couple is different from capturing a newly engaged couple.  It is also different from capturing a bride and groom on wedding day.   The relationship of expecting parents is much more mature at this stage.  Simultaneously, there is a sense of newness in the relationship often found at the alter.  The couple makes a new commitment together; not to each other, but to their unborn child.  From a photographers perspective, it look like the couple is dating all over again.

The Parents-to-Be

Now, let’s talk about the maternity session.  However, it turned out great.  We were pressed for time because our original planned was derailed.  The park’s hours changed, but the sign didn’t indicated the change.  We didn’t have a plan or vision.  I relied on the ability to pose, lighting, and having fun with my clients.  If it was not for my lighting assistant, I don’t know how I would have gotten through this session.  By working as a team, we were able to get more variety for the client.  It made the night photography much easier as well.  Having a team is priceless.  Check out the images below; you will see what I mean!

If you are looking for a Columbia Maternity Photographer, please give us a call.  Human Eye Photography’s lead photographer can be reached at 803-712-3021 or contact us via email; our team would love to photograph parents-to-be!

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